Who is Westwind?

Westwind comes out of foodservice professionals, not engineers and corporate executives. Our staff includes experienced servers, baristas, restaurant managers, equipment distributors, customer service agents, and refrigeration techs. From this background, we’ve seen and heard what customers want in their equipment, we don’t decide what they should want. Affordability, ease of use, availability, durability, and reliability have been the consistent themes. Therefore, we strive to make Westwind fit your needs and budget.

Designed to Work

Too many manufacturers are all about their bells and whistles - upgraded stainless, thermostatic expansion valves, self-diagnostics, automatic cleaning, and flux capacitors. We focus on the basics - a reliable cooler at an affordable price. You know exactly what you need in your refrigeration; we’re not going to force you to pay for things we think you need. Aluminum interiors cost you less and they don’t rust like stainless steel (there’s a reason you buy acidic colas in aluminum cans, not stainless steel). Why would we make you buy something you don’t actually need? Instead, we have products that are simply designed to work.

Priced to Save

When we cut superfluous costs, we don’t line our pockets. Everyone knows there’s never enough money in a restaurant budget; we’ve understood this since the beginning. Therefore we focus on putting savings right to your bottom line by offering economy priced solutions to your needs. With list prices approximately 30% lower than leading refrigeration brands, we do our best to ease the pain of buying new equipment. And you don’t need to worry about repair costs either - for the first year we offer a full parts and labor warranty and cover the compressor for another four years after that.

Extras for Free

Sure, we get it, sometimes you need a bell or a whistle - and we provide those when you do. All our reach ins come standard with a digital thermometer and temperature control, door locks, self-closing, locking doors, and casters. There are LED lights in our glass door merchandisers to make sure your packaged foods and drinks stand out. We even pre-install your casters for you so you don’t have to lean the fridge and try to install them yourself. These are the little things that actually matter to our customers, so we add them on our standard models.


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